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Checklist for ordering an application – consider these points when developing an application

Mobile application use is growing constantly – in 2022 applications’ download quantities are predicted to reach close to 260 billion. Mobile applications allow clients to have an even easier way of running errands and interacting with a certain brand or company. What are the things should a company planning on making a mobile application take in to account?

Plan first, technology second

Making mobile apps too often means not spending enough time on planning and project preparation. This on the other hand means that the application in its self and the planning and production -projects become overly tedious. Here are a few fundamental questions, to which you should find an answer to before starting up the technical development of an application.

What is the aim of an application?

This question could be kind of a no-brainer, but a lot of the times also one with no clear answer thought out before starting to develop the app. An application should have a clear objective and a reason for it’s existence. For instance, an amusement park’s app could exist to create a better customer service experience – it is easier for people to move around the park and get information, when they have an app that gives them answers to any question they could have about the events and services on the park area.

When setting goals, one should also consider using numeric targets. How many downloads do we set as a goal for the app? If the application enables selling your company’s products or services, it might be good to set a goal in terms of money for sales through the application.

Who are the users of my application?

In planning and developing an application one of the most important steps is user research and creating user personas. Nearly every good and successful apps have one thing in common; they are designed for the consumer.

If user research isn’t carried out well enough, it becomes clearly noticeable through a bad user experience and poor financial performance.

What can I learn from applications already on the market?

Your mobile application idea might be one of a kind but in most cases similar or even identical apps already exist. Use enough time testing and trying out different apps. You will surely get plenty of ideas in planning out your own application.